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Sonshine Parent Resource Center

Sonshine is very excited to partner with Kristina Laurent, parent educator and family coach from  Calming Chaos Family Solutions, to serve as Director of Sonshine Parent Resource Center. The Parent Resource Center was created because we realize that the preschool years are full of exciting growth and big developmental changes for kids, and all of that growth and change often brings a lot of questions for parents. 

The Sonshine Parent Resource Center is here to provide information and resources to help you with parenting questions you may have, such as the whens and the hows of potty training, knowing what to expect at each stage of your child's development, child nutrition, tips for helping your child through life transitions, such as adding a new baby, moving, or starting kindergarten, separation anxiety, and more. 

Kristina will be providing monthly free, informal informational seminars, about varying topics relevant to our parents, that will be open to any Sonshine family. 

Finally, the last function of the SPRC is to support  our special needs families. If your child's evaluation reveals a possible delay or learning difference, Kristina will connect you with special education services for further expert evaluation. 

For any family who would like one-on-one parent/family consulting or coaching, Calming Chaos Family Solutions provides affordable options for services. CCFS helps parents by providing behavior modification training and consultation, supporting parents as advocate during IEP and 504 planning with the school district, and medical professionals during diagnosis of learning differences, and coaches families, developing Individual Family Action Plans to improve relationships and reach family goals.

Follow the Calming Chaos Blog for parenting info and tips:



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