4-5 years old




2 days $175

4 days a week $220

(4 year olds only)

3-4 years old 



*Mon-Thurs option


The students will enjoy a fun-filled day of learning. They will make friends and learn to become more independent. The foundations of reading will be taught with a literacy program that introduces them to engaging characters, stories, and songs. Number concepts are made exciting by teaching through games that get all the students up and moving! Your child will enjoy being a part of a class where everyone feels valued and has a sense of belonging.  Ample play time will give them opportunities to build friendships and learn to compromise with one another.  Interesting group projects will teach them to work cooperatively. Creative art and music activities will tap into the interest of the children and they will be allowed to express their individuality.  The students will be well prepared for kindergarten with this fun yet comprehensive curriculum. 

Developing skills for preschoolers

Gross Motor 

  • Run around obstacles

  • Walk on a line

  • Balance on one foot for 5-10 seconds

  • Hop on preferred foot 

  • Climb a small age-appropriate ladder/slide  

  • Walk up and down stairs with alternating feet without help

  • Walk on balance beam forward and backward by 5yrs

  • Ride a tricycle

  • Skip by 5yrs

  • Stand on balance beam with 2 feet and attempt to step forward

  • Catch a ball 

  • Throw a ball overhanded 



  • Turn pages of book, 1 page at a time 

  • Begin to hold marker with pinching grip

  • Color inside the lines of coloring page  

  • Build tower at least 5-10 blocks high

  • Cut along a straight line and older kids curved line

  • Draw recognizable pictures

  • Manipulate smaller puzzle pieces

  • Pour more accurately 

  • Hold a cup and feed self rarely spilling

  • Play-dough making balls, snakes and cookies

  • Draw a circle, square, triangle and cross between  4-5 yrs 

  • Print name and some other letters and numbers

  • String beads 

  • Still needs some help with buttons, snaps, and zipper

  • Can cut soft foods with butter knife and spread butter on bread


  • Understands fairness

  • Express more awareness of others peoples feelings

  • shows understanding of right and wrong

  • Begin to help around the house

  • Becomes more even-tempered and cooperative

  • Initiates play with peers and makes up games

  • Shares toys, taking turns and helps

  • Becomes less egocentric but sometimes bossy

  • Begin to show independence

  • Might be bossy

  • Begin to play house acting out whole scenes 

  • Separate from parents more easily

  • Listen while others speak

  • Play games and follow rules

  • Develop friendships


  • Speak in 4-5 word sentences

  • Vocabulary of 100-4000 words

  • Enjoys books, songs, silly words and stories

  • Most speech understandable

  • Asks questions Who, what and where questions at 5 who and why

  • Uses proper grammar most of  time

  • Uses pronouns I, you and me

  • Recite full name and by 5 address and phone number

  • Follows 3 part command

  • Begins to recognize some letter names/sounds and words

  • Understands print in a book represents words 

  • Understand alphabet letters have sound

  • Begins to write some uppercase letters and letters of first name

  • Distinguish rhyming words (5 year-olds can make rhymes)

  • Some 5 year-olds can sound out CVC words

  • Tells stories 

  • Understands tomorrow and yesterday

  • Understands many prepositions

  • Draw a picture to tell story 


  •  Counting up to 25 

  • Begin counting items one-to-one up to 5 items and understand last number spoken when counting is "How many"

  • Begin understanding more/less and equal to

  • Begin to measure things in units

  • Recognize and name numbers 1-20 as they grow to age 5

  • 4-5 year-olds begin writing numbers 1-10

  • 5 year-olds begin simple addition and subtraction

  • Simple sequencing putting things in order by size or story cards by what happened first, second and so on

  • Understand things change with time (ex. people grow taller)

  • Expand their files on animals to more specific types of species

  • Point to and name less familiar body parts-jaw, heel, wrist, ankle

  • Understand plants need water, soil and sun to grow

  • Understand parts of plants and they grow from a seed

  • Understand that some food grows on trees, bushes, vines and underground and we eat different parts of plants

  • Recognizes and names at least 6 colors

  • Recognizes and names at least 6 shapes

  • Match like items and know what is different or what doesn't belong

  • Experiment with blocks, magnets, and put puzzles together, 


  • Begins to draw recognizable pictures

  • Play with play-dough and make sculptures

  • Plays with blocks make imaginative structures

  • Can paint recognizable pictures

  • Sings more complex songs

  • Enjoys dancing to music

  • Glue and cut

Approaches to learning

  • Begins to listen to stories

  • Beginning to understand waiting his turn without protest

  • Is more independent and can finish a task with out much reminding

  • Begin to play cooperatively with peers

  • Stay with an activity for 5-10 minutes

  • Stays with a difficult task longer and handles frustration

  • Eager to learn 

  • Works with others on a task



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Toddler Class 

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Preschool Classes 

4-5 Year Olds Mon/Wed 

3-4 Year Olds Tues/Thurs

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Class Time-9:30-12:30

Summer Class

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Sonshine's Parent Center is available to all Sonshine families, providing for parents, a resource library of books and articles, and Director of Parent Resources Kristina Laurent from Calming Chaos Family Solutions  will answer questions and offer advice and parenting  information to our families.


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Sonshine Preschool celebrates  the uniqueness of each child and is committed to helping all students reach their potential.