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Tuesdays/Thursdays 9:30-12:30

Not available at this time

The toddler class is a small class of four students. The low teacher-to-child ratio enables the teacher to give each of them the nurturing attention that they require. They will learn to separate from their parents and make new friends.  The children will have opportunities to build vocabulary and cooperation skills while playing learning games with their peers.  They will enjoy the planned set of age-appropriate activities which include singing songs, listening to stories,and other educational experiences.  Each toddler's specific needs will be met with a schedule that allows for potty-training, smaller group learning experiences, one-on-one attention, and plenty of nurturing.  

3-4 Year olds Monday/Wednesday  

4-5 Year  Olds Tuesday/Thursday or



Two days 9:30-12:30

Monthly Tuition  $175

Pre-K Boost

Summer class is two days a week. We continue the excellent instruction that happens during the Fall and Spring sessions. 


Pre-K boost is offered if there is enough interest to form a class. 

This class is offered to 4-5 year-olds in the summer prior to Kindergarten. Pre-K Boost features a concentrated kindergarten readiness instruction. Each child is evaluated at the beginning of class and an educational plan is created for each according to the student's developmental level. This class is intended to give the student a boost in preparing for kindergarten.  Because it runs through the summer, it also prevents information loss that occurs during the summer. The concepts taught in this class are individual and based upon the students’ needs.

The students will enjoy a fun-filled day of learning. They will make friends and learn to become more independent. The foundations of reading will be taught with a literacy program that introduces them to engaging characters, stories, and songs. Number concepts are made exciting by teaching through games that get all the students up and moving! Your child will enjoy being a part of a class where everyone feels valued and has a sense of belonging.  Ample play time will give them opportunities to build friendships and learn to compromise with one another.  Interesting group projects will teach them to work cooperatively. Creative art and music activities will tap into the interest of the children and they will be allowed to express their individuality.  The students will be well prepared for kindergarten with this fun yet comprehensive curriculum. 


Pre-K Boost Class Ages 4-5

Thursdays  10:00-11:00

not available at this time

Sonshine and Calming Chaos Family Solutions have partnered together to design a program based on the need in our community brought to our attention by our clients.  They have requested an individualized and targeted program to develop social skills in children ages 4-8. Social skills are extremely important yet present a unique challenge for families, as practice requires a group of kids, which is hard to replicate in the home environment. The social skills practice that is available during the school day is just not enough to develop and hone their skills. Many children require a more targeted, specific approach, which is exactly what we have designed.  This instruction is presented in a fun, light, exciting way that is appealing to the students. We want to provide a training group that is affordable and accessible for our community, so we are offering Camp Sonshine, which will take place during four, fun-filled 60-minute sessions.We will teach the children a targeted and individualized lesson that will teach skills that emphasize better ways to resolve conflict, help them make friends, and follow rules. Enhancing these skills will help the students make good decisions, handle stress, and build self-confidence.

Sonshine's Parent Center is available to all Sonshine families, providing free monthly learning sessions for parents, a resource library of books and articles, and Director of Parent Resources Kristina Laurent from Calming Chaos Family Solutions  will answer questions and offer advice to our families.

  • Hours 4-5 Years Old Tuesday/Thursday or  Monday-Thursday              9:30-12:30

  • Hours 3-4 Years Old Monday/Wednesday             9:30-12:30

  • School year always starts the day after Labor day and ends on Thursday before Memorial Day

  • We follow USD 458 schedule for snow days, Christmas Break and Spring Break

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