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Social Skills Class

ages 3-5 years


not available at this time




Sonshine and Calming Chaos Family Solutions have partnered together to design a program based on the need in our community brought to our attention by our clients.  They have requested an individualized and targeted program to develop social skills in children ages 4-8. Social skills are extremely important yet present a unique challenge for families, as practice requires a group of kids, which is hard to replicate in the home environment. The social skills practice that is available during the school day is just not enough to develop and hone their skills. Many children require a more targeted, specific approach, which is exactly what we have designed.  This instruction is presented in a fun, light, exciting way that is appealing to the students. We want to provide a training group that is affordable and accessible for our community, so we are offering Camp Sonshine, which will take place during four, fun-filled 60-minute sessions.We will teach the children a targeted and individualized lesson that will teach skills that emphasize better ways to resolve conflict, help them make friends, and follow rules. Enhancing these skills will help the students make good decisions, handle stress, and build self-confidence.
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