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Sonshine Preschool celebrates the uniqueness of each child and is earnestly committed to helping all students reach their potential.

Sonshine Preschool Philosophy

We believe all students are unique individuals who have much to contribute to Sonshine Preschool, and that all children deserve a safe learning environment where they feel comfortable and accepted. All students have a voice in our classrooms and are taught to appreciate their fellow students' voices and to respect teachers and staff. Children are naturally curious and are active learners.  It is the teacher's role to create a safe, interesting learning environment that engages her students' senses and curiosity.  She should know each student well and plan age-appropriate activities that address the students' interests and healthy development through play experiences. Teachers will use observations and one-on-one time with students to ensure the children are reaching their potential.  As the children  progress they will feel excited and confident about learning and prepared to go on to the next level of their educations. 

Sonshine Preschool Purpose 

Sonshine Preschool exists to provide a balanced early learning program that offers developmentally appropriate activities for all students.  The comprehensive program will lay a foundation, through learning play experiences, for future reading and math skills as well as other academic areas. Sonshine values the whole child with curricula addressing all domains of the child’s development (cognitive, social, motor, creative, and language).  It is our goal that each child feels confident and excited when it is time for him to begin kindergarten: academically, socially, and emotionally. Sonshine’s daily schedule is planned specifically to address the various and specific needs of each child, and includes free play, and a snack. The curriculum includes activities that foster basic Christian beliefs and good morals, which help enable them to grow into diligent, considerate individuals, using Jesus as an example. Sonshine works alongside parents to ensure the child is progressing and encourages their involvement. Sonshine is honored to provide an early educational facility to this wonderful community in Basehor and to contribute to the wholesome Christian growth and development of its future citizens.


Toddler Class 

18-30 months

Not available at this time

Preschool Classes Fall 2021

4-5 Year Olds Tues/Thurs

or Mon-Thurs

3-4 Year Olds Mon/Wed 

Class Time-9:30-12:30

Monthly Tuition

2 days a week $175

4 days a week $225

Summer Class

two days a week 


Sonshine's Parent Center is available to all Sonshine families, providing for parents, a resource library of books and articles, and Director of Parent Resources Kristina Laurent from Calming Chaos Family Solutions  will answer questions and offer advice and parenting  information to our families.



Tel: 913-206-5807

Email: sonshinelisa@gmail.com


14498 166th

Bonner Springs KS 66012


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Sonshine Preschool celebrates  the uniqueness of each child and is committed to helping all students reach their potential.