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Toddler Class

ages 18 mo-30 mo

Tues and Thurs.




The toddler class is a small class of four students. The low teacher-to-child ratio enables the teacher to give each of them the nurturing attention that they require. They will learn to separate from their parents and make new friends.  The children will have opportunities to build vocabulary and cooperation skills while playing learning games with their peers.  They will enjoy the planned set of age-appropriate activities which include singing songs, listening to stories,and other educational experiences.  Each toddler's specific needs will be met with a schedule that allows for potty-training, smaller group learning experiences, one-on-one attention, and plenty of nurturing.  

Developing skills for toddlers


  • Speak in 2 word sentences

  • Follow 1-2 step simple directions

  • Answer simple what and where questions

  • Show interest in books, turn pages and can  listen to short stories with colorful pictures

  • Imitate reading by putting finger on page and moving it as to follow words 

  • Favorite stories they want to hear and tell parts of story

  • Refers to self by name

  • Asks for needs

  • Has about a 200 word vocabulary


  • Begin counting  1-3

  • Begin counting items one-to-one up to 3 itemse

  • Begin understanding big and little

  • Name familiar animals

  • Imitate animal sounds 

  • Point to and name simple body parts-eyes, nose, mouth, ears, arm, leg, hand, foot

  • Name familiar plants-flowers, grass, tree 

  • Begin recognizing and naming colors

  • Begin recognizing and naming shapes


  • Recognizes self in mirror

  • Imitates adult actions 

  • Understand words and commands and responds to them

  • Hug and kiss parents and familiar people and pets

  • Brings things to show people

  • Begin to help around the house

  • Begin to desire to be center of attention

  • Show frustration easily

  • Play next to peers but not able to share yet

  • Plays alone for a few minutes

  • Needs routine

  • Share a piece of food with parent

  • May show aggression or have tantrums

  • Begin to show independence and wanting to do things herself

  • Begin having fears (of the dark etc.)

  • Become shy

  • Defends possessions

  • Begin to play house

  • Begin to separate from parents more easily

  • Begin to show empathy to others 

Gross Motor 

  • Walk/run

  • Squat to play

  • Climb a small age-appropriate ladder/slide toy 

  • Walk up and down stairs holding an adults hand

  • Stand on tiptoes if shown first

  • Jump with feet together clearing floor

  • Begin to ride a tricycle, moving forward with feet on floor

  • Stand on balance beam with 2 feet and attempt to step forward

  • Catch a large ball with hands straight out

  • Throw a ball underhanded


Fine Motor

  • Turn pages of book, 2 or 3 at a time 

  • Begin to hold marker with fist

  • Scribble on page and as they age can color somewhat within the lines of a large image coloring page  

  • Build tower at least 4-6 blocks high

  • Turn knobs

  • Pull a large zipper 

  • Put large shapes in a shape sorter

  • Point with finger

  • Hold a cup and feed self with some spilling


  • Begins to use crayon

  • Play with play-dough

  • Plays with blocks

  • Can paint with large swipes on paper

  • Sings simple songs

  • Enjoys dancing to music

Approaches to learning

  • Begins to listen to short stories

  • Beginning to understand waiting his turn but sitll has a hard time

  • Is curious about new items and environments

  • Begin to play with peers sometimes



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