Sonshine Preschool Director Lisa Sirridge has gathered together fun age appropriate games that she has used in her program for 25 years.  The kindergarten readiness games have been kid tested and teacher approved.  These learning bags have all you need to keep your child busy for  hours and prepare him for kindergarten. He will think he is just playing but you will know he is learning.  We have busy bags for learning shapes, colors, numeracy, literacy and for motor development. It includes a booklet that gives you specific instructons on how to play the games and use the materials included in the bag. Each bag is sold seperately.  

Educational Busy Bags for Preschoolers

Sonshine Preschool Busy Bags
  • Each bag contains materials for at least 10 fun age appropriate learning games to develop cognitive and motor development in preschoolers.  It also includes an instruction booklet with specific instructions on how to play the games and how to use the materials included.  The booklet also gives parents information on what skills the games foster and the significance of each concept to preschooler development. PARENTS MUST SUPERVISE CHILDREN WHILE PLAYING GAMES.  THERE ARE MATERIALS SUCH AS BALLOONS AND STRING THAT COULD POSE A CHOKING HAZARD TO YOUNG CHILDREN. 


Toddler Class 

18-30 months

Not available at this time

Preschool Classes Fall 2021

4-5 Year Olds Tues/Thurs

or Mon-Thurs

3-4 Year Olds Mon/Wed 

Class Time-9:30-12:30

Monthly Tuition

2 days a week $175

4 days a week $225

Summer Class

two days a week 


Sonshine's Parent Center is available to all Sonshine families, providing for parents, a resource library of books and articles, and Director of Parent Resources Kristina Laurent from Calming Chaos Family Solutions  will answer questions and offer advice and parenting  information to our families.


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Sonshine Preschool celebrates  the uniqueness of each child and is committed to helping all students reach their potential.